Customized itineraries

Part of our activity consists in the creation of customized itineraries for individuals or groups, designed to fit your profile and budget. For almost half a century we have been creating a network of skilled resource teams in every part of the world and we rely on these resources to craft the perfect holiday for you. We are deeply rooted in Europe but are also actively engaged in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and South America.


Our business model differs from others. We want the customer to be engaged in the decision making process, hence we devote special attention to the logistical set-up of the itinerary. We charge a set-up fee which varies according to the complexity of the project but is always very reasonable in comparison to our competitors. This allows us to interact with the client in every step of the process, evaluating together the different components of your journey offering options which can be reviewed together in order to always obtain the best price for each.

Try us or try us again; you will be surprised as to our expertise in organizing and how economical we can make your vacation staying in the places you want.